Our donation targets change every year. We chose the AAMU Finnish Children's Cancer Foundation as the donation destination for the first year.

Every year in Finland, about 150 children under the age of 15 fall ill with cancer, i.e. almost every other day one child is diagnosed with cancer. From the moment the illness is diagnosed, the family's everyday life is filled with sadness and fear, but also hope. Every year, one in five children with cancer dies. More than 60% of survivors suffer from late effects caused by cancer and its treatments at some point in their lives. Because of this, treatments must continue to be developed so that someday we can achieve a 100% cure. This is why we want to support the Aamu Suomen Children's Cancer Foundation. The mission of the Aamu Foundation is to enable children with cancer to receive the best treatment in the world and with it a healthy adulthood.

Aamu The Finnish Children's Cancer Foundation was born out of the desire of professionals to help. On the initiative of Finnish pediatric oncologists, a project was launched in 2012, the goal of which was to establish a nationally functioning foundation to support the development of medical care for children with cancer in Finland with donated funds. They created the content for the foundation and still ensure that the foundation follows the rules required of it in its operations, invests the collected funds correctly, distributes funds fairly, follows the operating principles of transparency
and addresses donors and society in a clear and modern way.

We donate 40% of our profit for the financial year to the Aamu Suomen Lasten Cancer Foundation: