Our lovely little geniuses from the children's cancer department of the Turku University Central Hospital have conjured up the images printed in our collection.

Here briefly about each of our little artists:

Silver Peony Shirt Butterfly

The picture was drawn by Afreen, 9.💜

Afreen is a cheerful and affectionate girl. Unyielding, precise and caring by nature. Afreen is involved in patrolling, night camps are the worst there. He is also very interested in stars and different constellations, especially the North Star. He listens to a lot of books and watches his favorite series. Interest is also aroused by various wizard stories.

In her free time, Afreen designs and sketches outfits. He also dreams that this will become his future profession. How proud we are to have this little clothing designer draw a picture on our clothes. It would seem that Afreen's career as a designer has already begun.

Afreen's own words, as photographed, he is very 'excited' when he heard that the image he designed will be used in clothes. We feel that one of the most important goals of our company has been fulfilled when we have been able to bring joy to the everyday life of a small child patient.

Sage Green Shirt Airplane + JOY

The picture was drawn by Sampo, 12.💜

Sampo is a cheerful, sociable and considerate boy. He is a skilled Lego builder and likes to draw and play X-box. He also goes cycling a lot with his friends.

Unfortunately, the previous karate hobby had to be abandoned due to the risk of infection. Fortunately, Sampo can go to school, where his situation has been taken into account by improving hygiene.

Cancer treatments radically change the life of the child and the whole family. Due to infection isolation, families cannot visit shops, restaurants or amusement parks together. We sincerely wish strength to all the superheroes and their families who have to struggle with this.

Oyster Gray Shirt Flashes

The picture was drawn by Anton, 10.💜

Anton is a hero in his own life - a child who approaches everything positively and calmly. He has many hobbies, so we immediately found common interests with Anton.

Anton loves skiing, scouting, karate, music, reading, swimming, traveling and camping. According to his mother, Anton is a happy and active child with good friends.

For us, the picture brought the idea that life is not always sunshine but also storm clouds and lightning. Let's take care of each other so that the sun's rays shine brighter.

JOY of lavender shirt

The picture was drawn by Anton, 10.💜

Tatava Anton, who also drew a flash picture on our clothes. How wonderfully Anton has designed cheerful colors to literally bring joy to everyday life.

For us, this colorful JOY text brings a smile to our lips, it bursts with a child's joy! We want to bring this joy through our clothes to our little artists and to the users of the clothes.